Nuclear Science – Be Prepared

Welcome to the Nuclear Science Merit Badge Course! As Scouts, you want to Be Prepared for this course. It’s highly desired because it’s not easy. But, it is alot of fun (and you might learn some things your Science Teacher at School doesn’t know).

Of course, the best way to learn about Nuclear Science is by doing, but this material will help you learn a bit beforehand, so you can get “with the program” and have more fun! And you’ll be able to pass your requirements easily when our online session is held.


  • READ the Merit Badge Pamphlet – We will be discussing ALL aspects covered
  • DO all “projects”, i.e. make a model, drawings, etc.
  • COMPLETE the online lessons (they’re fast, easy, and fun)

The Nuclear Science Merit Badge Pamphlet is REQUIRED READING before our online session.

You can get a Kindle digital version of the Nuclear Science Merit Badge Pamphlet on Amazon.

Or, you can check with your Troop Library, or purchase at the Scout Shop.

Nuclear Science Merit Badge Worksheet – Downloadable

Here are some handy links that contain all the resources you need to complete as much of the requirements as you can prior to our online sessions.