Radio – Be Prepared

Welcome to the Radio Merit Badge course!  As Scouts, you want to Be Prepared and knowing how to use Radio is a great way to help in emergencies as well as an interesting and exciting hobby (or even career).

The Radio Merit Badge dates back to 1919, but Radio keeps evolving every day.  Here you’ll learn how to get involved in this fun, High Tech activity! 

Of course, the best way to learn about radio is by doing, but this material will help you learn a bit beforehand, so you can get on the air even faster! And you’ll be able to pass your requirements easily when you do meet with your counselor.


  • READ the Merit Badge Pamphlet – We will be discussing ALL aspects covered
  • DO all “projects”, i.e. make a model, drawings, etc.
  • COMPLETE the online lessons (they’re fast, easy, and fun)

The Radio Merit Badge Pamphlet is REQUIRED READING before our online session.

Radio Merit Badge Pamphlet

And, the following materials you should download and print to have available to you as you work thru the requirements.

Radio Merit Badge Worksheet

Amateur Radio Band Plan

US Radio Frequency Allocations

Amateur Radio Contact Log Sheet

If you would like to experience Amateur Radio “virtually”, there is a system called HamSphere that simulates all the worldwide Amateur Radio Bands right from your computer. There is a FREE Trial version that you can use by creating a free account (with a parent or guardian).

If you need to complete an online contact and log for Requirement 9a2 we can schedule a time where our Instructors will be on a specific frequency on HamSphere at a specific time for you to complete Requirement 9a2. A Parent or Guardian MUST be with you (so we can chat with them too) during this session.

More information about HamSphere scheduling will be presented in our online sessions.

HamSphere Website Link – Click to open in a new tab.