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Radio – Requirement 7

Visit a radio installation (an amateur radio station, broadcast station, or public service communications center, for example) approved in advance by your counselor. Discuss what types of equipment you saw in use, how it was used, what types of licenses required to operate and maintain the equipment, and the purpose of the station.  

Note that your counselor must approve the station that you’re planning to visit before you go there. 

Here are two video station tours that we will discuss:

Tour of the station Tyler N7TFP built
Tour of Katie Allen’s WY7YL station

And here’s a 50,000 Watt Commercial Radio Station Tour:

Tour of WSHU’s 50,000 Watt Transmitter Site

If you’re following Option 9a, “Amateur Radio” then you’ll probably be visiting a permanent or portable ham radio station when you make your on the air contact.  (Note, if you have made an Amateur Radio Contact at any “Field Day”, BSA STEM, or Jamboree on the Air event, note it on your Worksheet. )

If not, then ask your counselor to recommend a station to visit.   Ask the following of the operator:

What type transceiver is he using?
What type of antenna is he using?
What does he use his station for?
What type of License does he have?