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Radio – Requirement 9a2

AMATEUR RADIO(2) Using proper call signs, Q signals, and abbreviations, carry on a 10 minute real or simulated ham radio contact using voice, Morse code or digital mode. (Licensed amateur radio operators may substitute five QSL cards as evidence of contacts with amateur radio operators from at least three different call districts.) Properly log the real or simulated ham radio contact and record the signal report.   

This is the fun part!  Talk to your counselor about finding an Amateur Radio Operator to help you make a contact.  If you need help finding one, try asking a nearby ham radio club for help. 

You can find one here: Click here to find a ham radio club nearby.
When you make a contact on the air, record the following information for your log:
Date: Time: Frequency: Callsign: Name: Location: Signal Report (RST): My Signal Report (RST):

Record this information in your Logbook. 

A blank Amateur Radio Logbook is linked in the Introduction to this online resource!

Also, don’t forget to make notes about the station you are visiting, so you can also complete Requirement 7 at the same time!